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Gravity and drag losses of some launch vehicles

To get a better view of the settings of different vehicles here is the numbers:

VehicleGravity Loss, m/sDrag Loss, m/s 
Ariane A-44L1576135
Atlas I1395110
Delta 79251150136
Saturn V153440
Titan IV/Centaur1442156

Ariane A-44L: Gravity Loss: 1576 m/s Drag Loss: 135 m/s

Atlas I: Gravity Loss: 1395 m/s Drag Loss: 110 m/s

Delta 7925: Gravity Loss: 1150 m/s Drag Loss: 136 m/s

Shuttle: Gravity Loss: 1222 m/s Drag Loss: 107 m/s

Saturn V: Gravity Loss: 1534 m/s Drag Loss: 40 m/s (!!)

Titan IV/Centaur: Gravity Loss: 1442 m/s Drag Loss: 156 m/s

Ref: Space Propulsion Analysis and Design 1st Edition by Ronald Humble

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