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Why Inspiration4 mission means for future of human spaceflight more than it looks like

With the fully private mission of SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, we probably will see a much bigger interest in human spaceflight from commercial sectors. A flight to space won't' be very cheap in close perspective (at least aboard Dragon spacecraft) but it probably will be cheaper than it was from NASA. But this mission will move human spaceflight from awkward governmental machine to fast iterating commercial sector. And that's why it's a really big thing.

First nonNASA human mission to space

It means a lot. As a private company, SpaceX will be able to:

  1. Forget about a lot of political risks
  2. Have a very flexible and farseeing budget for human spaceflight
  3. Can think very long term. Not by 4-year window until the next presidential election
  4. Can adapt to customer wishes and needs, not to political and bureaucratic demands
  5. Can iterate really fast because it doesn't need to follow a lot of obsolelete instructions in NASA
  6. Can iterate really fast because it doesn't have such a long meeting as it was in NASA as a government organization
  7. Start gaining a lot of experience regarding human spaceflight, preparing astronauts for spaceflight, supporting their wellbeing in space
  8. Start preparing for human spaceflight with Starship. That's why Starship program will have a good reduction of money and time when they will start preparing it for human spaceflight





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